About Dutch Accent

Dutch Accent is a store with art, exclusive gifts & souvenirs located in the 9 streets. A famous shopping district in the centre of Amsterdam. The goal is to show quality art in a well balanced collection to everyone who is interested or just passes by. As you can see in the name, Holland is the main subject.

What can you find at Dutch Accent?

  • Paintings of limited sizes of Dutch landscapes and cityscapes.
  • Decorative arts and crafts with a Dutch character.
  • Glass art objects from the national glass museum Leerdam.
  • Dutch birds made of glass.

Dutch Accent exhibits talented and qualified artists who represent Holland. This can be a painting that shows a typical Dutch landscape, to a glass object that just has a ‘Dutch Accent’. Maybe for a tourist it can be the perfect souvenir that defines the trip. An exclusive souvenir that you can’t find on every corner in the city centre. A painting or object that can also be perfect for the interieur of the Dutch people itself.

It is important that locals and visitors of this city have place to go where they see how beautiful and talented Holland can be.

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